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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the guy came out of the closet and held a .357 at my head. >> what started as a jewelry heist ends in a hostage standoff and take down in leesburg, virginia. good evening. i'm derek mcginty. anita has the night off. after more than 10 very tense hours the standoff between police and a gunman is over. right now, 49 year old william spencer is in custody. at one point, police say spencer held two people at gunpoint in a home on valley view avenue and none of those victims were physically injured. 9 news now digital correspondent has been on the scene all evening and a happy ending to a long day. >> reporter: you bet it was. police and witnesses say spencer went on a rampage in leesburg today, first robbing that jewelry store and tacking a young family hostage and trying to flee the scene but only taking a elderly couple hostage in their own home. >> the suspect is in custody.
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he is currently being transported to the leesburg police department where he will be processed and of course, he's going to be facing multiple multiple felony charges. >> 83 year old bob belon and his wife weren't the first hostages taken today. >> as soon as i stepped in the living room, the guy came out of the closet and held a .357 at my head and told me to get on the ground, give me all the money i had. >> and the keys to his car. steve and his wife were coming home for lunch, no idea their babysitter and two year old son had been taken hostage. >> she just strolled innings dropped her stuff off in living room and her husband told her to get on the floor. >> all three and the toddler found themselves locked together in an upstairs bathroom. steve called a friend using a cell phone to sound the alarm. when the suspect finally did leave, he didn't make it far before realizing police had the entire neighborhood looking for
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the jeep he had just stolen so he quickly ditched it and fled into yet another neighborhood and within a short time the swat team set up a perimeter and waited for nightfall. their next door neighbor's home was now invaded. >> i noticed all of these cops coming from around the house and the backyard they were coming towards the front and headed towards the garage. >> and everything wrapped up here about an hour ago. spencer negotiated his surrender after initially releasing the elderly woman and then later her husband we're told he has some minor injuries and he's being treated at a local hospital. derek? >> andrew, thank you for that. well somebody took out their frustration on some police cars in prince william county. take a look at this. three police cars de faced. now we are not able to show you some of the damage because the words spray painted are just that vulgar. police y the vandalism ha night tw beeen july be th. lipoe ceca rerswepo edrk pan e victory lake community in
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bristow, virginia. if you have any information the police want to hear from you. now all hands are on deck in the district. police are saturating high crime areas. all hands-on deck this time around began at 6:00 this morning and it will continue until sunday morning at 6:00, but you may not see any actual checkpoints in the city. a federal appeals court ruled those checkpoints like the one d.c. police used last summer in the trinidad neighborhood could be unconstitutional. police set up roadblocks and limited access to the area after shootings. one of those victims, a 13-year- old that was shot and killed on the street right in front of his mom and sibling. a civil rights group says those checkpoints went too far, and the mayor says that they worked. >> i think the proof was in the pudding. i think crime did go down in trinidad but the fact that the judge doesn't agree at the appeals level doesn't mean that we're going to give up. >> it's a very important issue for the police departments all
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around the country. we may very well appeal it. >> a lower court is reviewing todays decision on the checkpoint. d.c. city council asked a big name lawyer to conduct an independent investigation of that contract that council member marion berry awarded to his former girlfriend,this six dwarfs after he was accused of stalking them. gary is here with that one. >> reporter: as you know the council has been under increasing pressure to launch an investigation and has enlisted a legal super star to do it. >> council chairman vincent gray met privately with council members before making the announcement. >> we believe it should be independently investigated. >> he's referring to the contract to a woman he was dating at the time, was paid with public funds to work for barry. >> we want the public to be as satisfied as they possibly can, that this situation has been thoroughly investigated and we've gotten at what the facts are. >> the council chose the d.c.
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lawyer robert bennett to lead the investigation. bennett was in charge of a high profile senate ethics probe of a corruption case 20 years ago. he represented president clinton during the impeachment scandall. barry said he's innocent of wrong doing and promised to cooperate. >> i have no doubt in my mind that he followed all procedures. >> saying i can't take this anymore, the councilman walked out joined by two others who objected to him using a council event to defend himself. ben it promised to act quickly. >> i'm going to try to do it as expeditiously as i can. >> as it sounds now, council members can unilaterally award contracts. bennett may also make recommendations on whether that process should be changed and the council is set to adopt a new ethics code in an attempt to prevent future scandalls. derek? >> gary in the information center. appreciate it. thank you. well remember that $700 billion bail out for the big
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banks? now it looks like the white house is going to make a big withdrawal. there's word tonight that president obama will take some of that money and spread it around for small businesses. now we're talking government loans to help those businesses pay their bills, buy supplies, and keep employees on the payroll. general motors is out of bankruptcy, and promising to stay out of trouble. ceo it from z henderson introduced the new gm as a company with three priorities: better cars, a new corporate culture and a stronger focus on the most important person around, the customer. but that company is still dependent on the government which owns 60% of gm and has pledged $50 billion in loans. now gm promises to pay it all back but it may be rough and a long time. >> there's never been a successful turnaround in the global automotive industry without a focus in both the cost and revenue side of the business. you get the have to do it on both sides. to win, we need to stabilize and in fact grow our business around the globe and particularly here, in the
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united states. >> in addition, he says gm will concentrate on more fuel efficient cars. aig is asking permission this time to handout $2.4 million in bonuses to some of its top executives. the insurance giant drew some intense anger earlier this year when it dished out hundreds of millions of dollars in retension bonuses, just a few months after getting that huge federal bay out. aig leaders are now hoping government approval might shield them from the same outrage this time around. the weather man and what can we say tony it's been a great week. how about the weekend? >> no doubt. it was another beautiful day today. things will change a little bit over the weekend. it's not going to be perfect but it will be doable if u yo des lasi put lypg w.enthle wiwh at'sha atcler umpes urerpp60s d anlow 70's, 72 downtown, 71 in ann, everybody will settle back into low 60s by tomorrow morning so still very comfortable. temperatures go up a little bit along with humidity on saturday and sunday and a chance for a
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couple of scattered showers or thunderstorms, especially late saturday and into sunday. we'll talk more about that when i come back in just a few minutes. for now back inside with derek. well, he is a miracle baby. this toddler survived a brush with death. we'll tell you why or at least why they think, coming up. >>plusstay up r yoon mur ey saver tip for the day, we'll save you $120 in less than two minutes. stick around. yeah, no it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ... yeah, every night is something different. oh, yeah yeah... ... she always keeps them in the house. no, no, no. i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. babe...
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most. >> the top three hottest google searches of the week are steve mcnair, michael jackson and sarah palin. surprisingly, michael jackson comes in second to steve mcnair, the former nfl quarterback killed by his girlfriend july 4th and people were specifically searching for information about his death, his wife, and his girlfriend. as for michael jackson, people were interested learning about his memorial service, tickets to his concert and about his daughter paris. when it comes to sarah palin, there's only one term associated with her name, fittingly, it's the word "resignation." 9 news now and pot smokers in california are rallying behind a brand new television ad. it calls for legalizing and regulating marijuana. now they say that would help the state raise money at a time when cash is pretty darn scarce. here is a little snatch of that ad. >> even our state parks could
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be closed. but the governor and legislature are ignoring millions of california ans who want to pay taxes. we're marijuana consumers. >> a group called the marijuana policy project contends poll legalization would generate at least a billion tax dollars a year. >> what we've done is hand this very large market is the number one cash crop in california to unregulated criminals. >> this brings in a billion which i think is doubtful, the social cost is going to be much higher than anything we bring in. >> anti-legalization groups contend far too many pot users turn to more dangerous drugs like heroin. how about turning on to milk? apparently it does a body good, builds strong bones and probably helped to save this little guy. his name is justin veneer who is 22 months old and sitting around at his house in new jersey playing in a second story window and in a flash, he fell out. he fell 19 feet on to this rock
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hard asphalt and guess what? he is just fine. barely got a scratch. the family credits, you got it, milk. >> he drinks a lot of milk, like give your kids milk even if they don't want it. you get healthy bones, just living proof of that. >> maybe he's just a big strong kid. paramedics did take him to the hospital. doctors took x-rays, nothing. he's fine. okay, let's try the milk. sometimes neighbors can be nothing but trouble but a story out of oregon takes that concept to a whole new live el, so he noticed some jewelry and cash just kept vanishing from her apartment but there were no signs of a break in. so she put a hidden camera in the bedroom and there he is, the culprit. caught in the act, grabbing cash, going through her dresser and turns out it's a neighbor who lived in the same apartment building. wow. here is another one caught on tape. a gardner says he's finally
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figured out a cheap way to stop deer from stealing his vegetables. chris urban says the solution is this caution tape, great as long as you don't mind your garden looking look a crime scene. >> i wish i had patented this, because they don't touch it. they won't touch the garden at all. >> amazing, who knew. he says he tried the tape after nothing else worked. fencing, even decoys including a fake owl which had no effect on the deer. still don't know why it was supposed to. the shuttle endeavor is scheduled for launch tomorrow but mother nature may just put a kink in nasa's plan. thunderstorms are in that forecast and endeavor and its seven astronauts are set to deliver and install the final piece of japan's billion dollar lab on the international space station. >> so thunderstorms won't make it happen tomorrow, right? >> sunday would probably be the best day for them. for us i think saturday is the best day out of the two weekend days. >> do you have any idea why an
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owl might work? >> i was thinking about that when you were saying it. i don't know. >> still don't get it. >> but the caution tape is brilliant. it moves and it's yellow and he's going to patent it. you know there's deer tape now coming out on the market, coming to a store near you. weather wise for us, nice day again. the high temperatures low 80s, upper 70's in some spots, very un-july like to say the least. it's going to get more warmer and humid over the weekend but it's not going to be hot like it can be for this time of the year. let's start with a three day trend as we go into the weekend, expect a 30% chance for a thunderstorm late in the day tomorrow. the best chance i think will be late saturday night and sunday morning, actually. so just keep that in mind but again if i was going to pick one of the two weekend days i'd pick saturday but do it early in the day if you have outdoor plans. partly cloudy skies for the rest of tonight, not as cool as last night but by july standards very nice. low temperatures in the low 60s in most spots, southeast winds at 10. during the day tomorrow
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specifically partly sunny skies, a chance for a couple of showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon, probably after 4:00 or 5:00, at least up until that time, the high temperatures in the mid 80s, southwest wind at 10-15. tonight we have high thin clouds drifting in from the north. these are the left overs from thunderstorms that were up in the great lakes, we'll superimpose the radar on top of this and there's no precipitation so we'll stay dry into tomorrow morning and see just a hint of showers and storms building on the other side of the mountains and that's the system that will come in over the weekend. current temperatures upper 60s, 66 winchester, 70 degrees bwi, 74 in hagerstown, and officially at national airport 72, due point still very comfortable at 61 as you know it's not uncommon to get due points into the 70's, so upper 50s and low 60s feels very nice. high pressure still in control of the weather sliding down the east coast but as that moves away from us, the system out in the midwest will have a chance to move eastbound, right now
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producing showers and thunderstorms out in the midwest and great lakes and this inches its way over toward us over the weekend and that's the trigger mechanism for our showers and storms late saturday and into sunday morning. in addition to that it grabs some of the heat that's been flagging the folks in the southern plains and we've enjoyed a very mild summer here in the mid atlantic region the southern plains have been cooking, the temperatures around dallas near 100 degrees for the last week or so and even at this late hour it's still 92 there, some of that heat will come in ahead of this next system saturday night and during the day on sunday. so the seven day forecast is like this, a chance for a thunderstorm late in the day on saturday, scattered storms on sunday, i think the best chance sunday actually will be in the morning, you might want to hold off into the afternoon if you're trying stuff on sunday and monday looks at the temperatures bottoming out again, high of only 79 expected to start the work week with a chance for showers, keep in mind the normal high is 88 this time of the year and still no
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90s showing up in the seven day forecast. >> thank you, tony. that's still trying to get it going. >> i know that's your favorite team. >> we're counting the days until the kids get done. >> i know it's your favorite team and we tried but we'll see. what's up, everybody. the that's sending their new and improved to the hill tonight in h-town, washington, they put together a nice little late inning rally but is it enough at minute made park? we'll find out and a former red skin doing great charity work in the community. we'll talk about that d an ch re coming unext in sports.
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what's up, everybody. since he returned from the dl june 28th, scott olson has been the pitcher the that's thought they were getting from the marlins in the off season and prior to that the return on the investment, one win, four losses, era skyrocketing at 775, but it's been pretty good the last couple of types out tonight, minute made park in houston put into the third, bye- bye by. so it goes into third, 1-0 houston, 7th inning, bases loaded, five iron and one run scores and then willie harris get in there, willie and made it 5-4 and 11 hits for washington, but base knocking for the rbi winner, astros win it 6-5 and that's fall to 25.
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the blue jays in foreman ager serving a two game suspension after his ejection on tuesday, and toronto struck out five and in six solid innings and in the fifth, knocks it down the line and that's all that cecil and his helpers need and then nothing. >> after a run of the conference semis most outsiders thought the calves needed defense, not the canadian offense; however, recent acquisitions haven't gone in that direction. 10 days ago, 37 year old winkler era wired from philadelphia and today, the caps doing more signing in the restricted or unrestricted free agent market and they brought incenter brendan morrison on one year deal terms not disclosed and the 12 year old vet played with four teams and he scored 50 plus points six times including four 20 goal season so he's got pop in his stick. >> basketball now, wizards
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begin mini camp tomorrow, and they join a group of 13 undrafted rookies and looking to possibly catch somebody's eye in summer league and the game will be played in vegas july 10-19th. >> good story here, football former red skin punt returner bobby mitchell held his annual charity golf tournament at lance down resort today, the event raising money to fight leukemia, mitchell a 1983 hall of fame in duct see has raised more than $6 million through his golf tournament been going on for 19 years. good stuff. >> the pga's tours third major set to get under way next week, the british open will take place at turnberry course in scotland. of the 150 or so players in the field the second best player in the world will not be there. phil mickelson has officially pulled out to be with his wife amy as she begins recovery from breast cancer treatment. the news not much of a
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surprise, mickelson said last month that it would be mile it unlikely he would play the british. his absence will end the longest active streak of majors played at 61. >> just for you, derek. cycling baby, tour de france, this is where lance normally makes his move in the mountains, barcelona to andora, first big climb of the year but lance dropping back to third, everybody chasing that guy right there who broke away from the pack and took the stage and lance is now third, afterwards the seven time champ who came out of retirement says he wasn't as tired as he thought he would be, so how about that? many more stages to go. >> football, cleveland browns wide receiver released from jail earlier after serving 24 days in jail, he struck and killed a pedestrian and remained on house arrest for the next couple years, next two years followed by eight years of probation. he has been suspended indefinitely by the nfl so
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that's your sports. >> very cool. the story of the tour de france with lance's teammate who at the very end took off and left lance behind and the question was could lance have gone with him, was he not supposed to do that? >> supposedly he wasn't supposed to do that. >> we'll see what happens. up next, a hometown pays homeage to a little boy who turned out to become the king of pop. (mom) he needed everything for college: towels, sheets and then there was the stuff he wanted... like a new microwave. and because of walmart's unbeatable prices,
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guys are pretty good aren't they? meanwhile in la, the big question remains, who picks up the tab for the memorial out there? city leaders trying to figure out how much it will cost them. well that's 9 news now for tonight. thanks for staying up with us and don't forget we're always on at letterman is up next. have a great weekend. we'll see you, bye. at suntrust, we help you manage your money at home. and make it easy when you're away. and where ever you go, atm fees won't follow. get back to what really matters switch to suntrust checking today
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